Moosecat Creative Ltd is an independent company based in Worcestershire UK working within the arts sector.

We offer a range of services and opportunities, here is a brief outline:

FILM PRODUCTION actively offers inclusive opportunities for people entering the film industry as writers, actors, filmmakers, and consultants. While fostering networking and collaboration with other industry professionals. We also offer a bespoke post-production editing service for other independent filmmakers who may not have the facilities, time or specific skillset needed to help them finish their projects.

MEDIA supporting emerging writers and online content providers and benefitting, in turn, from the wonderful content they provide for us, and for our industry colleagues. Content planned for 2020 - 2021 includes film reviews, interviews, film and screenwriting student experiences, industry related commentary, equipment reviews, and so much more besides.

EVENTS broadly cover four main areas: Academic and industry related talks and panel discussions followed by a film screening. Screening films we have produced and assisting others to organise their screenings. Cinema and music while dining experiences.

ART: Digital galleries, pop-up art exhibitions, and performative theatre displays. Our pop-up curated events can also be catered. Physical art exhibitions and performative events are hosted by experienced industry professionals and emerging industry talent.

THEATRICAL BOOKINGS: Assisting with booking and hosting entertainment for special events, while maintaining a safe, inclusive, and ethical service for our entertainers.

TALENT SERVICES: Headshots, showreels, script readthrough events, provision of new script material for showreels if needed.


Registered office address: The Oakley, Kidderminster Road, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 9AY
Company Number: 08670354

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