Film Production

We’re here to turn imagination into reality and can assist from script to screen.

We offer inclusive opportunities for people entering the film industry as writers, actors, filmmakers, and consultants. While actively fostering networking and collaboration with other industry professionals.

We have experience including, but not limited to, location scouting, auditions and casting, script read-through (table reads), organising a crew, catering, and everything else needed to move projects from pre-production into production.

We've worked on a large variety of different film projects. We can help fill in the gaps and provide the talent to complete your film. 

We can provide a bespoke post-production editing service for other independent filmmakers who may not have the facilities, time or specific skill set needed to help them finish their projects.


Registered office address: The Oakley, Kidderminster Road, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 9AY
Company Number: 08670354

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