• Michele Lammas

Be More Genevieve!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The Moosecat team are deep into the pre-production phase of our first webseries episode, and it's called Be More Genevieve!

My name is Michele, I write for the screen and the stage as Emma Austin-Jones, I'm the Moosecat Creative MD and Producer. It's a pleasure to invite you to our shiny new website.

Pre-production is an exciting phase and I'm absolutely adoring the constant adrenaline rush, excuse me for a moment while I just reach for my tenth cup of coffee, right, where were we? Ah, yes, strange stuff adrenaline, so far it's helped us find some brilliant new team members and there have been a whirl of meetings. We're in the thick of things at the moment, but soon we'll start updating our blog to keep you in the loop. You're welcome to follow us on our journey, the more the merrier!


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