• Michele Lammas

Ending a project and moving in a different direction...

Public notice, without prejudice:

Moosecat Creative Ltd has, with immediate effect, withdrawn production services for the short film formally known as Bottles/Clink Clink/Sylvie, and will no longer be associated with the film.

We wish the writer/director every success with the project, should they decide to continue working with it.

We confirm that cast members and location owners still wanting to be connected to the project should contact the Moosecat Creative CEO for further guidance and to give consent for contact details to be passed to the writer/director of the short film previously known as Bottles/Clink Clink/Sylvie.

Cast, Crew, and location managers contracts and payment were signed with, and were paid for, by Moosecat Creative Ltd and not the writer/director, therefore new contracts and image disclosure forms will need to be organised directly between the writer/director, cast, and location manager.

Moosecat Creative have not requested a return of fees, funds, and all costs for this project, as a gesture of goodwill.

Any promotional material currently connecting Moosecat Creative to this film and available to see online should be considered null and void. E&oe


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