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Pre-Production for two new short films.

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Many changes have taken place at Moosecat, far too many to include in one blog post. I'll be sitting down with a fresh pot of coffee ready to add more information about the changes soon, but in the meantime I must share some exciting information!

We're currently in pre-production for the first of a set of one-minute films, it's a project I've been working on for a while, and it's lovely to share that news with you now. The first two films are; Flutter written by Edward Lee, and Too Poor for Pride by Nadine O'Mahony. The scripts are being edited by Holly Beaumont-Wilkes, and will be directed by Nadine O'Mahony. Our actors for these monologue pieces are Edward Lee in Flutter, and Leanne Bowers in Too Poor For Pride. We're filming in the centre of Worcester, and plan to film more one-minute pieces in and around Worcester in the near future.


I'll be updating this blog with snippets of information about the project regularly and will include links and other media too.


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