• Michele Lammas

What are the team working on now?

The Moosecat Creative team, led by our designated Project Manager William Moore submitted our first Arts Council England (Grantium) grant application at 00:22 am this morning. We’re keeping everything crossed now and hoping it’s approved. This special project team is phenomenal, I couldn’t wish to be working with a better group of people.

Big announcement coming soon!

We’re all looking forward to announcing the big project we have with a planned start date of 1st May, but are having to keep quiet about it for a few more days. We’ve been given some funding already for it and one of the requirements was to wait for the funder to officially announce things before we started talking about it publicly.

This is a separate project to our ongoing post-production work, which is continuing for our series of short films, the post-production team are equally wonderful and, honestly, I just feel blessed every day to be part of such an awesome group! We’re busy completing our work ready to submit films to festivals and have already submitted some. Then we just have to wait and see if our films will be selected for screening.

Our funded special new project team members are: Geraldine Gibbons Matthew Simmonds Cat Lammas William Moore, Emma Tully, and me!

Our post-production, admin support, and review/content provider team are: Emma Tully, Rob Maxwell, Carwen Haf Thompson, Andrew Godfrey, Cat Lammas, and me.


Registered office address: The Oakley, Kidderminster Road, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 9AY
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